Awesome & Ackward

Okay obviously I didn't come up with this idea I'm copying because she said I could :) Check out her blog HERE!
  • Chelsea buying her own groceries for the first time, with items such as HO HO's, frozen pizza, chips, and a giant block of pepper jack cheese! (Let's get healthy everybody)!!!!
  • Brent doing parkour with Kyle in the rock climbing gym! I've never laughed so hard in my life! 
  • Chelsea & I went to Frozen Yogurt.  The convo went a little something like this...
BOY: "How does this work?" 
GIRL: "You get what you want, and then you pay for it later."
CHELSEA: "That's what she said!" 
  • Our not-so-sweet kitty thinking our computer arrow clicky thing is an enemy that must be ATTACKED!!! 
  • Going to The Daybook party here in Rexburg and acting like a star struck teenager towards the Blogger Queen Sydney!
  • Chelsea and I going to Volleyball about 3X a week and NO ONE believes were sisters.... she must be adopted :)
  • I always try to make friends with the neighbors dog but I'm pretty sure he thinks my hands are made of bacon... 
Thats it this time, I'll be thinking of better ones for next week :)

Rock it out.

This is the ring I got in Cabo! It's the new wedding ring! Only $30 dollars ladies :)

Well this post just looks like a bit of throw up of everything!!! I think I'm getting back into taking pictures again, it's fun :) I've been making some new headbands too which I'm really excited about! I think I might go on campus and just ask some random people to wear them while I take a few snap shots he he.

Brent and I have really been getting into rock climbing.  It's nice that he has a hobby that I can sort of do.  The last one was HORRIBLE- Long distance running... I mean let's be serious! Above are my new rock climbing shoes! Can anyone say 50% off??!?!?!?!??! It was a must.

If you haven't heard Chelsea got her job at SAMMY'S!!! WHOOT WHOOT I have yet to take a picture of her working, but we went in while she was working and I laughed a few times cause she just looked so darn CUTE!

Also, if you haven't heard I got the Learning Leader Job at Paul Mitchell!!! and I start next week! It definitely has my nerves jumping ship! I hope I can live up to their expectations of me.   Anyways, thats about it.

Love from all the rocks we climb



 hello hello! here we are! So first thing, Chelsea got extensions!!! She bought them then we colored them and SHIZAM long ole hair! Next, you all know about cookie dough ice cream.... well we were wondering if the cookie dough would really make cookies. All rest assured they do!!!!! And they were Scrumb-a-lious!

The Cail pictures were a really long time ago! I just found them again today! The last two are of our apartment! We love ya'll!