Having a little blog trouble.

Well, I can't (for some reason) get a template on this dumb page- I swear I've tried for hours! Anyways, it's been a busy busy busy week! On Monday we went to this credit lady to help us figure what we need to be doing to raise our credit- it was awesome and she told us a lot of helpful things PLUS we didn't have to pay her! It's been a little crazy in the money area- I'm looking for job for after school (if anyone knows of one please let me know). We're doing our best to get out of debt which is really hard when other things keep coming up that we have to pay for. ANYWAYS, Brent had a photoshoot the other day in the salt flats! The photographers really REALLY liked him. Of course Brent was doing all he does Flips, jumps, and whatever else the McDowell boys do :) We also on Monday went to the Family History Library and looked up some stuff for Grandma- It was a great experience to see Brent get all excited to find what we were looking for. Brent is funny- it was almost like a secret mission! We were there for about two hours and it didn't even feel like it. We are looking forward to going again. Things with our sweet little kitty have been interesting! Lately we've gotten him nurtured, smashed his tail in the door, gave him too much catnip, and he's teeth are falling out! The nurtured was the easy part. We don't let kitty in our room, so went ever the door is open he trys to run in. Well, Brent put kitty outside the door and his tail was inbetween, shut the door and kitty screamed- he's okay just has a little kink in his tail. I've been told to get catnip to clam our baby down- well we got this small bottle of it and I let kitty smell it- and he literally went crazy! Brent was laughing of course, but I was more scared. He fell off the table and was rolling all funny on the ground :( When we took him to the doctors to get nurtured the doctor said that at 3 months he would start loosing his teeth. I had just given him the catnip and then there was blood in his mouth! We later found one of his teeth in our laundy! Anyways, we love our cat! Best thing we ever bought! It's weird that it's almost been a year since we've been married and started living in Utah. We miss our families a lot, and can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving! We'll be there for 5 days! Today is Aunt Kristy's Birthday!!! We are so grateful for her letting us live here, and dealing with us. Oh and we can't find our camera charger, so I don't know when we will get pictures up. We love you all so much!


It's been a while...

Brielle from girls camp- my camera died just after this, so this is the only picture of that event

This is Kellee and her mom-Kellee was the best out of all the models! Kaysi and I went to Vegas to The Gathering (a hair show)

Lunch time!

Nick and Kaysi Fox!

Make a wish 1-2-3-4!

Brent and his sunglasses ooohhh Brent.

I thought this was so funny! In the next two pictures Brent and I are making the same face!

Will write more later- we're going to go on a hike!!!!