It's been a year!

Well, it's pretty late, again I can't seem to sleep and of course my handsome husband is snoozing peacefully next to me. Oh I love him, I don't know if I can say that enough. Don't get me wrong-this past year has been a learning experience for the both of us. Marriage is different than I thought it would be, but better than I could have imagined. When I was 16 as corny as it sounds I knew that what Brent and I had wasn't the normal young dating scene. He made me feel more like who the Lord wanted me to be and helped me realize who I can be. Lately, we have been talking more about our missions in life/goals and we both feel like we haven't been going in the right direction. We didn't really pray about coming to Utah as we should have and are realizing that this isn't the place that we need to be right now in our lives. We are currently praying about where to go after I graduate in about 7 months. You never think of your parents or uncles and aunts going through stuff like this when your not married. Things like money, work, school, kids, church callings, fights, moving, dishes, fitness, spirituality, time, schedules, couple's prayer/scripture study and love. You parents and family have made this all look so easy!!! I personally have been extremely grateful to Mama Linda for sharing stories of when they first were married- it really helps to know that many many others go through the same things that we are going through.

Lets see new events that have happened: Our year I surprised Brent with Jim Gaffagin tickets, and he surprised me with Circus tickets! (Lucky they weren't on the same night :). On my birthday he surprised me with a birthday party! It was really fun, and I was actually surprised! We're just full of surprises these days. I also got a breast reduction (I'll just throw that in there)- I have to say little boobs is where it's at! It was really painful, but one of the best things I've ever done. A lot of people have said that they didn't even know I was heavy chested but I like think a triple D counts and that I hid it well. As soon as the swelling goes down I should be a lovely B cup. When the lady took my tubes and dressings off she said, "Now you can be a ballet dancer!" Brent and I had a good laugh about that one... small boobs=ballet! Anyways, life is good and we're excited for thanksgiving with our families! Ah and to see the newest member to the family Camdyn McDowell! Love you all!