what a day

well... I have to say that I haven't felt this ugly and fat in a really long time.  Not that many of you I think would want to read about my "poor me spill" but here it goes.

The morning started out great gettin ready for a hair show that my boss payed me to go to- and my straightner quit of me.  No big deal on that one- but it plays a very important role to the events that proceed.  So I go to this hair show with all my gorgeous co-workers feeling a little bit like a fancy bum.

Fast forward to the afternoon while we are sitting in a class about texture and cutting.  The speakers really won me over I'm laughing, learning, and having a grand ole time.  SO after I decide to walk up to the guy and ask him what he thinks about my hair, and I say that I was thinking about cutting it short.  He says no- right off the bat, but says that he would love to cut my hair.  Blinded by his performance in the show I sign the waiver, and off we go! I sit down he tells me we're going to keep my length and just re shape my layers.  The hair starts to fall onto the cape, and there's a good 6 inches.... Long story short I look like the missing member to the Beatles.  I literally feel british, and think it might be a good edge for me if I start talking like them.

When we got into the car I just cried... I'm the fattest I've ever been in my life and my hair looks ugly.  Mind you I think I would look cuter with a better short hair cut, but you just have to imagine (cause there will NEVER be a picture of me on here at least till it grows out a bit)  if any of you know who Demetri Martin is.... I look like his redheaded brother.  Round short mushroom head, not cute long in the front sexy pixie, but short in the front- longer in the back.  Kinda like a mullet, but one that a skater would wear. HAHAHAHAHAHHA oh boy I'm stupid sometimes. One of those Class A IDIOTS! Hats and beanies are going to be my best friends for the next year and half cause odds are I'll loose all my human friends with a haircut like this.  I'll be at the work out gym and people will wonder from behind if I'm a man or a woman.  I'm that person now, and I've just gotta except it.  I just feel bad that Brent has't to introduce me as his wife cause people are going to be confused.

The one good thing that I feel like has happened because of this is, I really need to get into shape.  I'm dead serious when I say that I refuse to be fat, and have boy hair.  I used to have girl hair so being over weight was fine, but now my body is all I have to keep me from crying myself to sleep every night. I REFUSE to feel this way.  I will loose weight and feel good about my body.  I need something to feel good about myself.

Anyways If you made it through this post about my hair congrats I think you are awesome.

Love from my LARGE hair animal I saw on the ground