An Update!

We left our camera at my moms house last sunday, SO this update doesn't have a picture- Am I breaking the blog rule? Not sure, ANYWAYS! Life has been busy, busy, busy! Jeree and Alex came down to visit us- we went to the Draper Open House (so pretty!- the best wood in there), went down to provo, and saw the best movie "Taken." Brent literally will not stop talking about it, "He's so smart, he's laying under that bad guy body and then BAM! he kills them!" It's been so fun to being around Brent's ninja tendenices. this week has been an exciting yet mourningful (is that a word) week. Brent FINALLY is out on his own NO MORE TRAINING! He was one of the best tech guys in his class- the best pole climber! He has some funny stories that he comes home with, the life of installing cable! Also, this week I started school at Paul Mitchell and LOVE IT! My class is awesome- such cute girls. (Next part is for Grandma: We wear your favorite color on me!!!! BLACK!!! hahahaha This actually is a good thing cause by the end I'll hate black so much that I'll never wear it again- I love you Grandma, and definatly think about you when I put on my black outfits everyday. The sad part of this week was my grandpa's funeral: I've NEVER had anyone that I knew and loved die in my life. The funeral was really hard on me, but Brent was there to remind me of the wonderful plan of Salvation. He was such a great man, full of life, and was a huge influence on the progress of my imagination as a child. I love that man so much. OH, my little young women's team is going to regionals or something like that (we don't have this in CA). We had a game today, and there wasn't enough girls on the other team so they let me play! I can't tell you how much joy I get from putting that amazing ball in a metal hoop. I love my girls and they have improved so much. Well, I'll try to get some pictures up here soon! LOVE Y'ALL!!!! OH, and tomorrows our 5 month mark!


Brent and I went ice skating on Monday for Family home evening! It was so much fun, Brent was so cute! The rink didn't validate the parking, so we went into the hotel and asked if they could. We offered to pay for some hot chocolate to validate, but he gave that to us for free too!!!