A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

 oh hey everybody. want anymore watches? Check out the new website http://www.interface-watches.com/

 Also, if you want to see an AWESOME photo shoot that my lovely friend brittany took of me... ????? CLICK HERE!!


Interface Watches

Sometimes when you've got a beautiful red head with blazing green eyes, you need to take pictures....

This is Josie.  She is my partner in crime at work! Her husband sells these lovely watches, and we thought we'd give it a go and take some fun pictures! First, we went to this photographers studio cause he wanted to take pictures of her make-up, and then we went and played outside with the watches!

Find them on Facebook HERE!!!!!!!!

It was a fabulous day!

Have I mentioned that I have the best job in the world.  It's so rewarding.

Love from all the red heads out there!



NO these flowers were not for me... a cute boy that Chelsea met a few months ago sent them to her for her birthday!!! I was so shocked I opened the door and there was a HUGE box, I opened it saw the flowers- then I read who it was from! hahahaha So sweet I've told Chelsea that she needs to marry this guy!

After Chelsea got those flowers I got pretty mad at Brent! He has never gotten me flowers before and needless to say I was furiously hurt.  I went to work really sad, and then when I came home the picture above was on the computer!!!!

Thank you Brent.