only a month and half to go!!!!

We made these the other night SO GOOD!!!!
The road going back to blonde! This was at the beginning of last week-
Probably two days later.... :)
Kaysi our friend Matt and I had a HAIR PARTY at Kaysi's house. We used a LOT OF BLEACH that night!
Kaysi did Ali's hair that night too! Such a cute girl!!
Don't worry those sideburns were cut off hahahaha
Then today I did my lovely friends hair Christy, there are some really awesome blonds parts underneath but you can't see them here.
My hair at the end of the week! It'll probably stay this way for a while... It was a fantastic day. Christy came from Logan for me to do her hair (I wish there was a before picture!) and then after we went and had SUSHI!!! 50% off on Tuesday and Wednesday nights- the best treat ever! For those of you that don't know this beauty above- her and I were roomies the WHOLE time I was up in Rexburg. She is one of those gals that you know you'll see for years to come and it will always be the same. So many stories- and a true friend, even though I'm the worst at keeping in touch she ALWAYS does her best to make sure we never loose touch. It's nice to have her tell me all about her college life, I think it keeps me young :) Anyways, we are looking forward to the months to come. New York is in 18 DAYS!!!! Love you all!


Marriage is BLISS

Brent's 23rd Birthday!

New Hair- these next pictures are for Jessica McDowell!

Goldwell color remover! It took me a long time, and I didn't have a cap for my head, so I used the toilet paper bag hahahahaa I think it worked!

Hair before ;O goldwell color remover.

My big brother!!!!! We got him a straighter at Wal-MART!!! hahaha

Brent loves it when I leave these little things around hahahaha

So one night we were going a little crazy, and decided to drive down to Orem and get us some KRISPY KREME donuts!!! Worth it.

I'm praying this statement is true...

Life has been busy, as always. Only 2 and half more months of Utah! Time seems to be going by pretty fast. Brent is excited not to work for Comcast anymore, and I'm excited to be out of the cold! There's a lot to look forward to this next year New York, Brent's golf trip, living in Sac, and going to school up in REXBURG!!!
What else???... OH Jessica, Ian, the girls, and Reid were in Utah about two weeks ago! We didn't take ONE PICTURE!!! It was a lot of fun, tested Brent and I on our parent skills- and we have A LOT TO LEARN! We went to this place called Leatherbee's- I seriously can't stop thinking about that ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!! soooo goooooooooddd. anyways- we miss them and the adventures with them like going to Sonic in a blizzard ahahaha.
Till next time.