Starting this at five in the morning...

Brent made this- I thought it was fun :)
You know those nights were you think of everything possible and then you turn to look at the time to realize that you've been thinking for 6 hours? Thats tonight. I guess I just need to mind dump and this is the place. Okay, first things first. Last Sunday was my turn to teach the sunday school lesson- I opened the lesson book, "3 Kingdoms of Glory" I thought to myself, "Great! the kids will love this- and its easy." I began my study with a prayer that I would understand the things that I was reading and so forth. Well, I began studying and something just hit me when I was reading about the Celestial Kingdom. I got so excited! "These are they...These are they..." A certain urge, peace, love, and understanding came over me. The words became more real to my heart than they had ever before. After I finished reading section 76, I read 131- about the three degrees in the Celestial Kingdom. It felt like my brain was waking up - spirit is matter, but purer and only purer eyes can see. Anyways, the lesson went well, some took more than others, but thats how it always is. I can't remember who told me this saying but I think about it all the time, "Shouldn't it be hard to get into the Celestial Kingdom?" I used to think that I could never make it or that I didn't deserve Heaven, let alone the highest kingdom, but being a LITTLE bit older and looking back I can see His plan more clearly. I want to earn my way back. Tonight in the car I was looking out the window (sounds like a lonely movie) and all I could think about was, "Earth is such a weird place." I love it no doubt, but I know that Heaven is just so much better- and I worry about the silliest things here. Oh my head........ goodnight. I love you all and miss my family so much!


The Pie and Earth day!

TAX RETURN! The check looked so nice we decided to take a picture of it!
This was the Earth Day event down in Salt Lake City-it was a lot of fun and the music was great!

We went to this Pizza place with my friend Kellee (from school) and her husband Brady. We we're allowed to write on things!
OKAY so I don't know who this is but it was the biggest pizza I've ever seen!

This is Brady, Kellee, me, and Brent! They are so cute! The night was a blast!



Well, these first couple pictures are of THE MCDOWELL GOLFING TRIP! I'll put some of the videos up cause they seriously are a roit- I'm learning the bond and love that Brent has for his brothers, and family. Makes me excited to see them all together when Reid comes home from his mission in December!

This is the best picture of Brent I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I love it when he laughs and smiles like this- Don't ask me what they were talking about because I can barely follow along with all the movie quotes and inside jokes!

OH YES- this happened and I couldn't be more happy about it!

Comcast- ps. I've never seen Brent with a sweater or vest thing tied around his neck :)
Mama Linda came to visit for a week! She can do anything! I try to explain to Brent that I'll do my best to learn how to become a GREAT cook like his mother someday- but at the moment its chicken and rice! Oh, and this is Camilla!

Thats right! Jon under a dryer- we put a red tint in his hair, and cut it! I love him!
Oh sweet Jessica- Ian and Jessica came down this past week after Linda- it was so fun playing games with them and of course Eating! ps. they're having another GIRL!

I want this girl with me all the time! Just to say that she's mine! Needless to say I love her!

Life has given Brent and I more fruit to eat with lately! That doesn't make sense- Let's see new things- I got a JOB! Its great, flexable hours, easy, and pays nice! Any guesses??? I clean the Granite Park in Sandy, Utah! It's been nice because going to school is more like a job 9-5 and this job makes it easy to, well- be alive. I look like one of those kids who has to pick up trash because they did something wrong. Brent is still workin the comcast, and will be starting school really soon- he's taking an English class (my favorite) and some business ones. He's really excited to continue to learn. We are still "dancers" dance teachers for the temple celebration in Draper- its been a blessing seeing all these kids do there best to understand the steps. We are still teaching our Sunday School class and STILL love them. Its hard sometimes to sperate being friends from teachers cause we actually are really close in age. It's way fun to tell them stories and teach them the gospel in ways that we thought we''re the best for us at that age. A GREAT thanks to Brother Riggins I use his methods and stories every week! I'm now taking "Guests" its the most rewarding job/schooling! The other day some girls came in to get there hair done and make-up for there prom. I did one of the girls, and she was so happy- I knew that she just loved everything that she saw in the mirror. It makes to excited to see that reaction. Life is good- we are going on 7 months next week before I know it it will be 7 years! Being married is amazing and a complete learning journey. It helps to read about how much everyone in my life loves their spouse. I don't know what I would ever do without Brent, the Lord truely put him in my path to make me the best daughter of God that I could be. Anyways, I love and miss everyone! There's so many more pictures but those will be added another day.
You're all in our prayers!