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Brent made this- I thought it was fun :)
You know those nights were you think of everything possible and then you turn to look at the time to realize that you've been thinking for 6 hours? Thats tonight. I guess I just need to mind dump and this is the place. Okay, first things first. Last Sunday was my turn to teach the sunday school lesson- I opened the lesson book, "3 Kingdoms of Glory" I thought to myself, "Great! the kids will love this- and its easy." I began my study with a prayer that I would understand the things that I was reading and so forth. Well, I began studying and something just hit me when I was reading about the Celestial Kingdom. I got so excited! "These are they...These are they..." A certain urge, peace, love, and understanding came over me. The words became more real to my heart than they had ever before. After I finished reading section 76, I read 131- about the three degrees in the Celestial Kingdom. It felt like my brain was waking up - spirit is matter, but purer and only purer eyes can see. Anyways, the lesson went well, some took more than others, but thats how it always is. I can't remember who told me this saying but I think about it all the time, "Shouldn't it be hard to get into the Celestial Kingdom?" I used to think that I could never make it or that I didn't deserve Heaven, let alone the highest kingdom, but being a LITTLE bit older and looking back I can see His plan more clearly. I want to earn my way back. Tonight in the car I was looking out the window (sounds like a lonely movie) and all I could think about was, "Earth is such a weird place." I love it no doubt, but I know that Heaven is just so much better- and I worry about the silliest things here. Oh my head........ goodnight. I love you all and miss my family so much!

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Aaron and Michelle said...

Holy cow Alexa! You remind me of your Grandma! I love you and am so pleased with you and the great choices you are making