A sibling walk about!

Jon.  I love my brother! We were both feeling a little sad the other day, and decided we would go take some pictures. I feel bad cause he has lived so closed and I have spent no time with him!!! The summer is almost over, and I probably won't ever live in Utah, and thats where he'll always live.  He truely is the best brother in the whole world, and we've really been through a lot together. I wish that everybody could know my brother the way I know him.  He is such an amazing guy, and literally would do anything for me.  I love my brother.


For my lovely sister Cortney!

A long while ago, this shower happened! It was so much fun, and a thrill to actually see Cortney with her cute little belly!!! I'm so excited for sweet little Starlyn to come!!! It's so crazy to grow up with Cortney, and now I'm going to see her with her own! It literally brings tears to my eyes! I love you and miss you everyday Cortney- you have such a strong and incredible gift to make others around you feel completely loved. Not only do you shine with confidence brighter than the sun,  you can make anyone laugh till they pee their pants :) You have been more a sister to me than I could ever ask her, and I hope that someday I show you how grateful and blessed I am to have such an amazing Daughter of God in my life! "BLING BLING!"

p.s. I still have pictures from Chelsea's graduation, and Tara's baby shower! I thought they were lost on my camera card that erased, but THANKFULLY I put them on a CD! Those will be next!


I forgot I had these pictures!!! Okay Kaysi please don't kill me, but I love all those pictures of you!!! And I miss you like crazy! You now have the right to put any and all bad pictures of me on your blog hahaha. I love you.  The next set are of the boys playing NINJA!!! they are so funny to watch, making up any and every game you can think of! Ian you were really missed! They have been playing in that pool there WHOLE lives... I just love them.