A sibling walk about!

Jon.  I love my brother! We were both feeling a little sad the other day, and decided we would go take some pictures. I feel bad cause he has lived so closed and I have spent no time with him!!! The summer is almost over, and I probably won't ever live in Utah, and thats where he'll always live.  He truely is the best brother in the whole world, and we've really been through a lot together. I wish that everybody could know my brother the way I know him.  He is such an amazing guy, and literally would do anything for me.  I love my brother.


kaysi van dyke fox said...

i LOVE jon!!! he really is the sweetest guy in the world!!! & i know how much he loves you!! you are one lucky gal!! ;) love you alexa!!

by the way these pictures are incredible!!! you are sooooo freakin good at photography! i really think you should go pro! you would make bank! you could do all of our christmas picturess!!! hahaha.

Aaron and Michelle said...

Jon is so handsome! I sure do love both of you and hope that you have better days to come.

AaronTara said...

I love the tan lines on his feet! They cracked me up! : D