Fun Around

I was pretty proud about this picture above here- may be simple and well it wasn't hard to get but I love it! 

AND BELOW is a link to me singing a song Brent and I are working on- It needs a lot of work, and I can't understand the words I'm sayin.  I'm pretty excited. The pictures on the video are random from this semester.



Hello, this is Brent again. Here is what I've done today, now that I'm out of school. Let me know what ya'll think?


Hey this is Brent. I did this image for a project in one of my art classes. I thought it turned out pretty dope! I love Alexa! I love the Temple! I love Art!


Snow DAY

We had a lot of fun today with Jeree and Kyle! First started out the morning with WAFFLES, and than off to the beautiful land of Idaho! 


We love FELT

Acutally talking on the phone :) 
Okay so... my lovely sister in law Jessica taught me some cool things to do with felt- and I've been a little obsessed to say the least. I'll update about Thanksgiving another day.