Rock it out.

This is the ring I got in Cabo! It's the new wedding ring! Only $30 dollars ladies :)

Well this post just looks like a bit of throw up of everything!!! I think I'm getting back into taking pictures again, it's fun :) I've been making some new headbands too which I'm really excited about! I think I might go on campus and just ask some random people to wear them while I take a few snap shots he he.

Brent and I have really been getting into rock climbing.  It's nice that he has a hobby that I can sort of do.  The last one was HORRIBLE- Long distance running... I mean let's be serious! Above are my new rock climbing shoes! Can anyone say 50% off??!?!?!?!??! It was a must.

If you haven't heard Chelsea got her job at SAMMY'S!!! WHOOT WHOOT I have yet to take a picture of her working, but we went in while she was working and I laughed a few times cause she just looked so darn CUTE!

Also, if you haven't heard I got the Learning Leader Job at Paul Mitchell!!! and I start next week! It definitely has my nerves jumping ship! I hope I can live up to their expectations of me.   Anyways, thats about it.

Love from all the rocks we climb

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