hello hello! here we are! So first thing, Chelsea got extensions!!! She bought them then we colored them and SHIZAM long ole hair! Next, you all know about cookie dough ice cream.... well we were wondering if the cookie dough would really make cookies. All rest assured they do!!!!! And they were Scrumb-a-lious!

The Cail pictures were a really long time ago! I just found them again today! The last two are of our apartment! We love ya'll!


Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and soon to come...Quinn! said...

K thats hilarious! Where was I when Garrick was twirling Ian around! Isn't that just adorable! Chelsea's hair is way pretty, what kind are they? So fun, my favorite thing about extensions is how you feel instantly prettier! She looks beautiful!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

youre apartment is so dang cute!!! i love your striped rug!!!!! actually, i WANT it!!! hahaha. & you and your sis are so dang gorgeous!!!!! ahhh, i miss you!!! these pictures make me miss you even more....if thats even possible!!! :(

Brittany said...

love yyour apartment, we almost have twin couches! :)
yours looks a lil more nicer than ours though, and i'll be posting Cecila on my ETSY soon, do you have a paypal account?!

Aaron and Michelle said...

I miss you guys! I love the picture of Garrick swinging Ian... LOL! Tell Chelsea I love the extensions and I miss her in institute. :)