Chelsea is living with us!!!

I'll let you guess which tooth brush is Chelsea's :) SO..... last Friday when it was time for Chelsea to go back to the sunny land of California she decided that she was going to make her home here in the FREEZING world of Rexburg (it's snowing right now)!  I think at first everyone was a little shocked, but then you just have to realize that she's 18 and it's time to be an adult! hahaha It's been interesting having her here :) I've noticed that Brent has rubbed off on me WAY TOO MUCH! Little things that used to not bother me are bothering me and it's all his fault!!! He got me used to the orderly way of life- and now that there's another girl in the house I'm remembering really how much I've changed! It's a good and bad thing! For one Chelsea never hears the end of my little comments here and there :) But she's strong and can handle a little push :) This morning it was "If you leave the water running your going to put a hole in the ozone layer!!!!" I'm not even sure what that means cause I'm sure running water can't do that, but its what came out of my mouth!

One more thing- so this guy asked Chelsea out on a date, and guess who tagged along...... YEP ME!!! Talk about third wheel! Good thing it was Jonathan Eller (our uncle's brother related by marriage)! But it's fun to be the PROTECTIVE older sister- or at least I'm trying to be.  Being an older sister is definitely harder than it looks, for me at least.

I'm starting to think of it as an intro into motherhood- I have to teach and be the example that I would want my kids to have.  So I think that means staying up till she gets home, and giving little side notes of the gospel.  I'm excited to stay the least.

Anyways, our header is a work in progress... Love ya'll


AaronTara said...

I'm so excited that Chelsea's there... and she went on a date with Jonathan Eller? That's hilarious! : D

Aaron and Michelle said...

Well... how'd the date go?? I haven't heard anything from either side. Will there be a 2nd date? Love you Lexa!