Mother of Mine

This beautiful woman is my mother.

The black and white ones above are from about FOUR years ago when she was pregnant with my little brother Tristin (shot with a lovely disposable camera)! Then these colored ones were about a year ago.

So, I've been thinking lately about my mom- and I'm being honest on here because well its my blog I can do whatever I want right?? I put these pictures on here mostly because I can't remember the last time I saw her smile, or heard her laugh (even over the phone).  I've been a little lost with my emotions/ thoughts cause I don't know what to do to help her.  I FEEL HOPELESS.  For those of you that have no idea what I'm even talking about, we'll just keep it at that, BUT please I am asking for your prayers on my mom's behalf. I feel like life growing up with her wasn't always easy, but I DO REMEMBER her smiling and I've lost that.  I do love my mom more than she'll probably ever know. I see her in myself everyday.  I think as a daughter I know her pretty well, so I would ask of all of you that read this that I do not need to be reminded of the things she isn't.  I mean how horrible would it be for someone to talk to your kids about all the bad things you've ever done.  I'm not saying that I don't want to talk about whats going on or that I don't need help.  I'm just saying I've heard it OVER AND OVER and I've heard it all.  We all make mistakes, but Heavenly Father loves you, me, and my mother all the same.  He has hope for all of us. So please pray for her that she can get through whatever she's going through.

I just want to add some of the things I love about my mom: 

the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
always the life of any party
her singing voice :)
I grateful that she exposed me to the world early 
HER POEMS they are incredible she is a very talented writer
I love her dollar store glasses 
her high heels and acrylic nails
red lipstick stains on my cheek
her pork chops and apple sauce
her strength in being a single mom
the way she dances she's a totally hippy 
she's my biggest fan, and wants me to sing to her every time I see her 
she collects postcards 
her laugh
I love that she took my brother and I so many places when we were young 
she's a reader 
she changes her furniture around about every three months :) 

I could go on and on about all the little things I love about that woman. I just want to think and be positive when it comes to my mom.  I love you all and I hope this doesn't make anyone upset.  

With all the love I have- Alexa.


kaysi van dyke fox said...

these pictures are so stunning!!! you are meant to be a photographer!! even those one years ago are just amazing!!! i love your mom, she really is a sweet lady! i will keep her in my prayers for sure!! i love you!!!

Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and soon to come...Quinn! said...

Wow, you look so much like her in the pics! They are all so beautiful, Kaysi is right, you have an eye for photos, a signature, I know it was your shot! So beautiful, I love everything you said, you are a wonderful daughter! I know how you feel, sometimes people make mistakes and go through struggles in life and all we can do is love them and be there for them the way we are able! It's hard when its people close to you and even harder when its your parents, but Heavenly Father knows why and you are so wise to rely on him and his love! We will be praying that she will be helped in whatever way she needs! Love you Lexa!