Star Moose

BRENT GOT THE JOB!!!! We were talking yesterday, and he said its so weird to go to a job that you actually love! He feels like he's playing everyday! It's really neat to see his work everyday- and pretty soon on the internet!!!! How crazy will that be! "Yeah, my husband MADE that, no big deal or anything!" He is amazing! I can't wait to show the world because I am always in awe of the ideas and work he pops out!

Check out his works website HERE!!!!!

p.s. I still need a header.... (hint hint: to my graphic design husband)!!!

p.s.s. sorry everybody for the no pictures- I feel like I haven't touched our camera in FOREVER- I promise I'll be better!

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kaysi van dyke fox said...

SOOO cool! yayyy brent!!! CONGRATS!!! oh & get on that header brent!!! ;)