more more more......

We have a leak!!! Our air conditioner has been producing cup fulls of water, so we need to get it fixed! I was really bored I had to take a picture. 

AH YES!!! It is finished, after 8 months? I did most of it by hand, all the finishes were with the sewing machine! Love that thing! IKEA fabric!
Okay so this picture may not look good, but it's the BEST thing I've made thus far in our marriage. I used that cook book we had on the shelf! I found something that sounded good (coconut curry chicken!) got all the ingredients and two hours later...............................DINNER!!! It seriously tasted like REAL THAI food. I was really really proud of this achievement-if I can even call this one :)
We'll, Brent is doing really good in sales, he's about eight behind the guy with the most.  It's long hours and everyday I'm as bored as all get up.  It forces me to exercise, clean, and cook--- WHOA I sound like a wife! hahahaha

As for my brother, I would like to ask for everyone's prayers.... his teeth are hurting him so bad, that he gets these headaches. He has been unable to go out to sell with the rest of the boys, thus making no money. So, please pray for him that he can get all the insurance and monies worked out to get them fixed! I love him and really want him to feel better!

Also, this weekend was Cortney's BABY SHOWER-----pictures will be posted soon!


Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and Quinn! said...

mmmmmm, did you save some chicken for me?!? That looks good! You'll have to make it again for all to try! I just love having you guys in town!!! You're awesome!!!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

oh it looks sooooo good!!! i cannot believe how cute it turned out!!! so fun!! :) oh & i cannot wait to see pics of the shower! i wish i was there i totally would have helped!!

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

So awesome you are enjoying cooking and sewing. I love to sew and make clothes that fit/modest and are way cute! summer dresses are my favorite. Your quilt looks awesome! I've never made a full size one just baby quilts, that must've taken a while. And I love your purse and the meal you made looks sooo good!