All at once!

Cortney's SHOWER!!! She's having a little baby girl named Starlyn! It was a lot of fun, and I'll post more pictures later! 

okay this picture is OLD!!!! I dyed my hair orange! Yes, it was a mistake and I made that mistake an hour before Brent's mission reunion! hahhahahaha It was fixed within 2 days...
This past weekend Jon, Brent, and I went to the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA!!! One of my cousin's on my mom's side married the lead singer of Slightly Stoopid.... an awesome reggae band. We got there and the paper said that they gave us only one ticket, and I asked the lady to make sure cause we were supposed to have 3! They called some guy, and he said, "Give them whatever they want!" they gave us 3 VIP passes!!!! We got to go backstage, and pretty much do whatever we wanted!!! It was so fun!!! THANK YOU ASHLEY!!! The guy in the yellow is the lead singer of REBELUTION!!!! Brent and I went to see him on our first date when he got home! LOOOOVVVE HIM!!!The guy in the white is Kyle! He was so nice to spend some time with us after his show! He showed us his tour bus, got us some waters, and introduced us to  some of his buddies! The lady in the red, white, and blue jumper is MS. LAUREN HILL!!! Brent tells me that she the female Bob Marley!! She was amazing!


kaysi fox said...

you guys look like youre having so much fun!!! i miss you both a ton!!!! ps. i LOVE your hair color in the picture, i think its really pretty!!! :) & that showers looks SOOOOO cute!!!! alexa youre amazing!!!!

Garrett said...

Rebelution is great, they play down here in S.B. all the time! You should come visit and check 'em out.