A New LOVE...

Okay, it's true I have fallen in LOVE!!! Sewing is so much fun! I have always loved it, but never really tried a sewing machine.  I must say all my projects have become so much easier! I started this quilt a couple months ago by hand, so now I'll finish it in a day!!! After that...I think I'll try a dress....we'll see :)

My first PURSE!!!!!!!!! At Paul Mitchell I got made fun of for carrying around my backpack everywhere, so I made myself a lovely purse!
We are also, TODAY starting a loosing weight competition with some Clark guys and family. (if anyone wants to join give me a call)! It's two months and winner takes 30 from each person. I'm going to put our stats on here just as a little reminder! I won't put the "before" pictures because they are HORRIBLE!!!!

Bicep: 14"
Waist: 37" 
Chest: 39 1/8"
Weight: 193.2
Fat: 25%
Muscle: 45%

Bicep: 11 1/4"
Waist: 36 3/4" 
Chest: 37"
Weight: 159
Fat: 19%
Muscle: 42%
Water: 62%

I have NEVER been as out of shape as I am now! Brent and I are feeling old....hahaha  Anyways, I just want to feel in shape again, and not breath so hard after just going up and down the stairs!!! hahaha 


Cortney Scott said...

You need to teach me how to use a sewing machine. Or you can just make me cute things!!! I wish I wasn't prego so I can be in the competition, but someday, I can! good luck and kick the boys' trash!!

Kellee said...

Yey! I love sewing too! :) so jealous of you guys in cali! Looks like you are having a blast!!!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

seriously ho bag, i NEED to get a sewing machine, your purse is amazing!!! i wanna see pics of your quilt!!!!!! you are my idol and need to teach me how to sew!! i want to make so much stuff!!! haha.