We have started having Family Home Evening with our CLARK pest control guys. Last Monday they came over and we shared all our favorite scriptures and then we cooked up some smores on the grill Brent got me for Mother's Day!!! It was really fun and nice to hear the boys tell us about their favorite scriptures, they're an amazing group of boys. I just need to find some wives for them, so I can have some friends!!!
Gridley House
My sister-in-law Jessica had a Mary Kay party and it was SO FUN!!! We played some games and cleaned our faces! Mary Kay has come a long way! If anyone needs some Mary Kay Jessica can get it for you! 
Here's a picture from Brent's MCDOWELL Golf trip, he was to put those on here, so this is a little snap shot of things to come.
Brent went to one of his companions wedding 
This is my beautiful pregnant friend JEREE!!! She came to our place on her way to Rexburg to visit her family! Man, I miss her! We met up with Kaysi and Nick and some of their buddies. It was a fun night and delicious!

This is sister Cortney Scott and she's preggo too!!! This was a LONG time ago, I needed a model for a competition I was in, and she came all the way from Provo for me! OH and I graduated from Paul Mitchell!!! Thank goodness! If you want to see some pictures my FABULOUS friend Kaysi Fox made me a video on youtube- its called, "Alexa's graduation." I cried. It fun to have your school experience on the internet! Anyways, We love everybody! 


kaysi fox said...

alexa, i miss your face!!! i LOVE that picture of you!!!! you make me smile!!! i seriously miss talking to you everyday!! i have so many things to tell you and then i realize you wont be there and i get sad!! :( anyways, dont forget me!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Cool blog! and congratulations on graduating Alexa!!!