A Little Catching Up!

I went down to my cousin's State track meet in LA and boy was it cold!
These are some windmills we saw on the way there, the hill were FILLED with them. I took these pictures out of the car window, so there not that great :)

This is my cousin Sarah, I forgot to turn them so this is as good as it gets. 

This is the girl that came in second. 

Sarah was in the HEP- its eight different events and really hard on your body. They do the 800m 200m 100m hurdles, Long jump, High jump, Javelin, Shot put, and I can't remember the last thing. 

SHE GOT NUMBER 1 IN THE STATE!!!! She really is amazing! She beat all the black girls!

This is our new Guitar!!! It's an ovation- and you can plug it in which is why we got it because we always need one for when we play and sing out there. 

I'm reading this book. AMAZING!!! It really helps you to be more creative. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a little mind opening, and refresh on their creativity. 

Life in California is, I hate to say it... but PERFECT!!! It seriously is home. The last couple days have been a little cloudy, but when the sun shines-it shines. We are loving our apartment, it's the first time we have lived on our own. It's our apartment...well for the next 4 months it is. 


kaysi fox said...

oh my gosh alexa, SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! i love your place!!!! i cannot wait to see it in JULYYYYYYY!!!!! holllaaaaaaa!!!! that is if i am invited! hahaha

Lindsay said...

K Sarah is amazing! I love your apartment and we need to come see you and I want that book! love you guys:)