What a Beauitful Life

This is our little baby! We love him so much, he is so full of life and thinks he's a dog HILAROUS! I PAINTED THE BATHROOM, there are some before pictures down a little bit. I thought about Grandma the WHOLE time! She has influenced my life so much and the urge to make our basement look nicer came from her- I love projects! Thank you Grandma!
I got everything in the room from IKEA I love that store more than anything!

This guy (George) taught our class yesterday! He works with the best, and does hair at the grammy's! The taller brown hair girl is Kellee and she gets to go to Vegas to be a model for Signature (a big hair show for salons all over the US). We are so proud of her, Kaysi and I are determined to go to clean up hair or get water for people. George told us to get some recommandation letters for the opportunity. Either way we are going!

Yesterday we had dinner at my mom's new place, did I say that she was moving? Well, anyways she just got this really nice BBQ, so we put it to use after Brent and Bradon put it together for 2 hours! The steak was AMAZING!


Kellee said...

Hahah thanks for being proud of me :) I love you so much girl!

Aaron and Michelle said...

Cute kitten! We were really hoping for the other surprise. We love you guys and are so glad things are going so well for you!