A New Hallway!

This is Ollie's room/hallway
I still have to put that clock up a little, but right now its just hanging out. Brent and I thought we'd go a little daring with this color since it was just the hallway. We LOVE it!

It looks really good walking into the bathroom

A Little more of an update. Brent went to the 311 CONCERT! He said it was a blast, and when he came home he made me listen to their newest cd. "Peanut was wearing this, they opened up with this song..." All this happened at one in the morning, so my excitment really wasn't were he wanted it to be :) Brent has also been really busy with comcast and the digial transition. Poor guy, I have the day off today cause the school went to Lagoon! Tomorrow Linda and Garrick come we can't wait! We do feel bad that we're gone for more than half the day, but at least we're not doing the dancing anymore. Young women's is different than I thought it would be. As a teacher it was easier for me to talk to the girls cause it was my time to talk and teach. In young women's I sit there with my binder of information and listen. The sister who did this job before me IS the most amazing person there is. I guess she did everything, and when I say everything I truely mean everything. So, I've been told I have HUGE shoes to fill which scares me because I only wear a size 8! Everything is e-mail, so I check my NEW e-mail everyday. alexamcdowell@comcast.net Our year mark is in three months, makes me wonder what all the people we know did on their year mark. We probably will just go out to dinner or buy some more PAINT! I looked at prices for some things, but the most expensive ones were the one's I wanted. CRUISE to ITALY! hahaha not yet. Brent and I have been THINKING about a house, and have decided that we need to fix my credit :( I'm fine on my credit card, it's just that when I was in college I didn't pay my knee bills for a while cause they are/were expensive. Anyways, the young women's president is a real estate lady and she is keeping her eye out. We're not moving anytime soon cause we have such an amazing deal here with Kristy (who I love so much) we are just thinking about the next two years. Anyways, we love you all and we hope to go to california sometime soon.


Lindsay said...

Your motiviating me to get busy on my house again! I feel like I haven't made it the way I want because of time and energy but I love doing it. One of my first callings after I got married was YW secretary under Sandra French. I loved Sandra but it was weird for me because I still felt like i was the YW"s age. I was always confused as to how to act as their leader over just being a peer!! We just got a cat too. The kids are loving it. We miss you guys hope you are surviving your busy life:)

Jessica, Ian and Halle said...

I love the color, That looks almost the same as the color we're doing in the kitchen on one wall, I love it! So fun! I hope your visit is going great! See you great in December :( Its too far!

Kellee said...

I love your new hallway. hurry and finish the kitchen and family room and invite us over haha :) love you girl!

krystal said...

I love the color... you have always been so creative. :)