Brothers, Nail class, and LAGOON!!!!!

Fixing my little brothers hair cause Great Clips just isn't that great. This is the before picture- I still need an after picture :)
Tristin is getting so big!
This is Kellee and Caygin (I don't know how to spell his name)He's a little crazy, but really nice hahaha She knows what I'm talking about- you can see his leg!
Yes, Kaysi and Kellee

We got these hands to practice on, lets just say we had a little fun with them :) We're now certified to do nails! WOOT WOOT!

oh Kaysi, and Rachel! ps. thats the fake hand doing that if anyone's eyes are fooled.

Oh LAGOON!!!! This is the BEAUITFUL JEREE!!! We got soaked!

My little Scherbel! Kinda looks like she has a sideburn! HAHAHA I love her too much.

Leaving the park. From Left to right- alexa, christy, jon (christy's little bro) leila, jeree

Running in the fountain Scherbel got nailed in the face!

Dark day, but pretty.

HAHAHA Jeree! This was the LAMEST ride ever. Jon was sitting in the little kid seat

No one can drink water like she can!

These pictures are out of order.

Her laugh, ahhh I miss it.

Waiting in line for a ride.Are not all these rules the same????????????????

Ready for the picture..............


Things are going well, I couldn't find my camera so these picture are a little bit older. Linda and Garrick came- we did a lot of things saw some movies, did some shopping, and ate some GOOD FOOD!!! I don't have any pictures because I couldn't find the camera! Linda made some AMAZING FOOD salmon, scalped potatoes, homemade ice cream, THE WORKS! Garrick and Brent had a good time running aways from wasps, and playing games. It's always fun to see them get together and talk about old times- and movie quotes. Grandma, Grandpa, Leah, Michele, and Kat came down for Aunt Dixie's funeral yesterday. I haven't seen the family since las November! The funeral was nice she was an amazing woman. After we went to the Oqurrih Temple open house, it was a quick run through- the only temple I've seen that was that color on the outside. It's the 13th Temple in Utah, and the 130th in the world. So, that means that 10% of the temples are in Utah. We are so lucky to be able to be so close to all these temples. The visit was quick with both McDowells and Warrens. We miss our families and hope to see them soon in California. Loves.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like good times! I have probably been to lagoon 100's of times growing up. Ya know season passes every summer....awesome!

Kellee and Brady said...

Love the barbie picture...and cajun is how you spell it hehe there is no one in the world like that boy... cajun have you ever waxed before? "no. i'm a boy" hahaha that was funny. love you girl! You are sitting across from me right now editing. I .love. my pics! You are amazing!

kaysi and nick fox said...

wahahahahahahahaha! SO FUN!!! i just LOVE you alexa!! you're the best!! and your brothers are so freakin cute!!!