No not Prego!

Oh family I hope you all know that if I was pregant I would CALL or tell in person each and everyone of you! Grandma! I'm so glad that you have a blog! I've tried calling you! You've in Alabama???? I send the address of our blog on the back of everyone's thank you note- I should do an e-mail too. ANYWAYS, we do have a new member in our family!!!!!! LITTLE OLLIE!!! He's our kitty!!!! I can't find the camera- I'll post pictures soon! I love you guys so much! Grandma call me!!!! 18018343569- also all the family who doesn't have my new number.


Nerissa said...

Haha! That's awesome! We'd like to claim credit for upping the desire to get a kitty! Congrats! We can't wait to meet him!

Jessica, Ian and Halle said...

You may not be prego but I sense a little baby hunger, it always starts with the pets! :) yay Ollie, thats a sweet name!