Hello There!

Life lately is moving WAY TOO FAST!!! The weeks literally feel like days. Brent and I are in a good place right now- we never see each other so we miss each other more :) hahaha For some reason we are poorer than dirt right now!!! I feel like we can't get back on our feet since my mother left.  SOON, we will be able to start saving because I'll get my instructors license!!! That means a $4 raise people!!! WHOO WHOOOO ahhh I have to say that money is the worst part of growing up, or life in general.  But, all around Life is Good. I feel good about everything that we're doing.

Anyways if you haven't already please check out my new etsy store! Tell me what you think?


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AaronTara said...

I love your Etsy site! You do such a great job... I'll have to order some stuff for my girlies. I'd love to see you one of these days. Money is still hard for us, even after almost 9 years of marriage. But what matters most is being happy. Love you!