Do what you love.

Brent has been doing stuff for the rodeo, last week they did a commercial thats what these next few shots are all about. 

We went to go rock climbing, and it was FLOODED! What?
Cortney, Denton, and Starlyn came down to visit for a family reunion and they stayed at our house! Starlyn is so cute!!!
They also brought a long with them a little treat from Mama Linda! 4 CASA LUPE BURRITOS! That woman knows the way to my heart. I love you Mama Linda. The best surprise in the world! Thank you! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! 

Life has been crazy busy lately. I’ve been feeling like every single one of my thoughts is on work.  It’s been a little harder of a job than I thought it would be.  Just dealing with all the students with their needs and complaints- it gets a little much for $8 an hour.  I laugh to myself thinking that 3 years ago I was making $9 an hour at Costa Vida. Rexburg you brake my heart, but mostly my bank account. The pay is low, and the cost seems a little high.  Only three more years RIGHT??? Man, that is a really long time.  Next month Brent and I hit our 3 year anniversary.  Which means, we will be at 6 years when he graduates.... oh good heavens.... poor, poor, poor.  
I guess I’m just mind dumping right now, and really you don’t have to read this :) 

I was talking to Josie and her husband tonight- and he asked me the question, “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?” One of my biggest fears in life is regret.  REGRET, oh what a heavy word you are.  I never want to look back and regret doing, or not doing anything at this time in my life.  I’ve decided (just now) that I’m going to sing more.  Even if its just in the church choir.  What I want most... I just want to play basketball @ least 3X a week.  Easy? right? Being older is the pits.  Adults were not kidding when they said that we had no worries when we were in high school.  So many things to worry about, and to do. I hate that I’m scared. Life is scary.  If you think about it, we only have this short time here on earth to prove ourselves.  The bar is so high, and I haven’t even been close.  AHHHHHHH!!!! How does everyone keep themselves sane? I need to pray for more time, more time in a day.
I hope you do what you love. 

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