What I am learning

QUOTE: "The grass is always greener on the side that gets watered the most." -Goddard

I am learning so much about marriage and the gospel lately. In my marriage class we read, "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" (which is AMAZING and I thin that everyone in the world should read it)! And we are currently reading the "Drawing Heaven into your Marriage" which is more gospel based and it is very insightful so far.  

I think my views before I got married about marriage where REALLY twisted, and SLOWLY they have been straightening out this semester. I DID NOT REALIZE the work it would take to make a marriage strong.  It is so different than anything a person can go through, it is the stage to which we become closer to God.  It is the revealer of the natural man!  What a wonderful thing- this bond that we have has the potential to make us more like God and I think thats the point- THAT is why we get married and why marriage is so important and sacred. It is preparing us for what is to come.  I have to say going to class and hearing how people work through the issues that they have is really inspiring- cause as naive as it sounds I didn't know that everyone goes through these types of things.  It is wonderful to be given the opportunity from God to be partners with Brent. I'm going to water the side that Brent's on :)

Here's a poem that we read in class:

All Married Couples have Differences

She likes butter. He likes margarine.
She is a low-energy person. He is a high-energy person.
She is relationship-oriented. He is goal-oriented.
She is left-handed. He is right-handed.
She is practical. He is a dreamer.
She likes the toilet paper roll to roll toward her. He doesn't care which way it rolls.
She likes to listen to soft violin music. He likes to listen to loud country music.
She has a difficult time making decisions. He makes them easily.
She likes a variety of foods. He likes the same old standbys.
She came from a loud family in which everyone shouted at each other. He came from a quiet family in which hardly anyone ever raised a voice.
She wants to resolve conflict immediately. He wants to wait awhile.
She wants to talk when she is angry. He doesn't want to talk when either of them is angry.
She believes stoplights are ordained of God to bring order into our lives. He believes stoplights are tools of Satan to disrupt his life.
She is a perfectionist. He is disorderly.
She keeps a clean desk. He has a rolltop.
She likes one or two pets. He likes several.
She is a saver. He is a spender.
She is a planner. He is impulsive.
She asks for directions when she gets lost. He feels that asking for directions is a sign of weakness.
She feels comfortable taking things back to the store when they aren't exactly what she wants. He stores them in the garage.
She likes to take her time. He is always in a hurry.
She does one thing at a time to conclusion. He likes to do many things at once.
She hates paperwork. He handles paperwork easily.
She smashes bugs in the house and kills spiders. He carefully takes them outside to safety.


Lindsay said...

This looks like an awesome class! I definitely think that you spend your whole life learning about your spouse. Which in return makes you realize your own strengths and weaknesses. ha ha i am a philosopher! Love you guys:)

kaysi fox said...

heyyy!!! i have that book!! hahaha, i need to crack it open!!! i love that poem, so so true!! oh i just love yoU!! youre awesome!! marriage is seriously so hard sometimes, but its so nice to know that heavenly father is always there to help you out and get you in the right direction!! i need to get that book about drawing heaven into your marriage! that sounds amazing!! love yoU both!!

Cortney Scott said...

That is soo awesome lex! It makes the hugest difference when you have the Lord included in your marriage. Everything just seems to be so much better. I love you soooo much!

P.S. You still have my book!

Aaron and Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing this Alexa! I totally needed it!