30 questions

I'm A little bored and this was on my friend Kaysi's Blog... so here it goes!

1. when is your "marriage" anniversary? "engagement" anniversary?
our marriage anniversary is Sept. 27th 2008--- our engagement is August 24th, 2008
A MONTH TO PUT A WEDDING TOGETHER!!! Thanks to all my family!

2. where/how did you meet your spouse for the first time?
The first time I remember meeting him was when we got put together for the Footloose play! BUT I guess he came to my house in Bangor cause he was friends with my older sister Cortney.  I can't believe I don't remember seeing the HOTTEST guy at my house when I was a freshman!

3. how long have you known your spouse:
6 YEARS!!! We dated SIX YEARS AGO!!!! AHHHH thats crazy!

4. how long did you date/court before you were engaged?
A little before the mission, and very little after--- when you know you know :)

5. do you have any children:
not yet :( I'm hungry tho!

6. do you have any house pets:
YES haha and EVERYONE HATES HIM! our cat- Ollie! Don't Hate. 

7. what are some of your favorite activities together:
Favorite one- I really like playing games with Brent- he's literally is the funniest person to play games with. 

8. do you have a favorite vacation spot:
Brent says the Celestial Kingdom :) I agree/ Cabo :)

9. where was your first date?
First we played baseball at the church, and then he took me to Oroville to bowl :) 
10. when did you first kiss? 
FOOTLOOSE--- but I guess our first kiss were someone didn't tell us to kiss- PROBABLY (we both can't remember) but probably it was when he dropped me off at my Grandparents house.  I do remember when he kissed me on the cheek at school before he kissed me, and I almost DIED I was so HAPPY! 
11. who said i love you first? 
HE DID!!! Right before he asked me to marry him :) He would write LOVE YA in his letters, but I love you came with the proposal!
12. did you get married in a church? 
no, the sacramento temple.

13. do you get flowers often?
I think once ahahahaha, but I'd rather have a plant or something (HINT HINT HONEY)!!!!
14. where did you go on your honeymoon:
We stayed at the hyatt regency, in sacramento! 

15. how long did you know each other before you started dating?
about 4 months

16. what do you call each other most of the time?
He calls me Little Miss! and I call him Sexy Pants hahaha! 

17.where dID YOU EACH GO TO school?
Brent went to Butte for a while, and BYUI- and I went to BYUI and Paul Mitchell the School!

18. which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
NOT SLEEPING- and I know the older I get the less I'll sleep.

19. did you go to the same school?
20. are you from the same home town?
yes :) 

21. who is smarter?
Brent is hands down. 
22. who is more sensitive?
23.where do you eat out most as a couple?
teriyaki bus, and five buck pizza. AWESOME!

24. what attracted you about him/her first?
his dancing skills... just kidding it was how he talked about his goals- he was such a determined person. 

25. who is more social?
I am- but once you get to know Brent he becomes more social. 

26. who is more clean???
BRENT!!! I try though- really hard. 
28. who hogs the bed?
I DO!!! 
29. who wakes up earlier?
BRENT BRENT BRENT BRENT!!!! Why isn't the question say WHO CAN STAY UP LONGER?????? cause I can :) hahahaha
30. what are his favorite things and her favorite things?
Brent: Art, hamburgers, rock climbing, guitar playing, running, sports, watching movies, and kissing lexa.
Alexa: hair, singing, dancing, raviolis, ikea, foot massages, basketball, cabo, crafts, and kissing brento.


Ian, Jessica, Halle and now Camdyn! said...

Tee hee! This makes me happy, I will be commenting on a few of these...#5, please have a baby :) thats all I'll say about that,#6. He kinda deserves to be hated on don't you think :) #10, This is so "Walk to Remember" and I love it! #12 Doesn't the temple count as like the ultimate church AND, I just love you, we are kinda the same person a little and I love it and I love you!!!

kaysi fox said...

i LOVEEEEEEEE you two!!!! & OLLIE!!!!! seriously ollie is the only cat i like!!! hahaha. i actually miss him!! oh & i fetching love that we were in the same room at the hyatt!!!! hahahaha. i hate that we didn't get together sunday morning!! :( it was our first sunday at our new ward, so we would of ditched to see you, but we felt bad that we needed to go! hahaha