New Orleans

 New Orleans!!! I absolutely LOVED New Orleans! I took WAY too many pictures, and I didn't even get half of them on here! There literally was music around every corner! The reason that I got to go is because Grandma put together a reunion in Mobile (Mow-beal) Alabama! Grandma also put together a BOOK of family history! People wanted her to sign the books, and EVERYONE wanted to talk to the lady who had done all this work for their families! I have to say I have NEVER been more proud in my WHOLE life to be who I was. The proudest moment in my life thus far.  "Who are you?.. I'm Lola's granddaughter!" I really wish the whole family could be there to see the love and gratitude everyone had for all the work that Grandma did. Grandma really was a celebrity- making speeches, signing books, and she even received a STANDING OVATION!!! She made all the posters on the wall, so that everyone could find their names. It was truly remarkable to see all these people come from all over- there were over 250 people that came!!! My Grandma and Grandpa have done more work in Family History than anyone I know.  I can't imagine how pleased Heavenly Father is with them. I know that some weeks Grandma was putting in at least 60 hours a week! I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing family with an amazing family history! Thank you Grandma for opening my eyes to how important it is to, "turning to our hearts to our fathers."


Aaron and Michelle said...

I love all the pictures Lexa! You are so sweet... no wonder you are a favorite! :)

kaysi fox said...

i LOVVVVVVEEEE your pictures!!! so pretty! your gma is amazing!! thats crazy she organized that whole thing!!! n.o. looks like such a fun city!!! i miss you!!!!