Little Chelsea Nicole Warren!

So we have been in Gridley the last couple days which has been really nice to visit family and just relax a little.  Today I went to Chelsea's work (my little sister)! I believe this is her first real job! I remember Mama Laurie and some of the kids came and took pictures at my first job (Arctic Circle). Chelsea was so cute- running around doing whatever everyone was telling her to do- "Chelsea go get the olives... go do this in the back... . go check on the tables!" I don't think they liked the fact that I was really only there to see her! hahaha I ended up buying some pie :) Banana Cream and PEACH!!!! I love you Chelsea.

New Orleans pictures coming soon!


AaronTara said...

I still have those pictures. I'm sure I'll run into them in the near future. Perhaps they should be introduced to my scanner? Mwah-ha-ha!

kaysi fox said...

oh how cute!!! i love all of the pie pictures!!!!! what a cool shop!!! gosh, i miss you so much!!!!! :(