Have I told you lately that I love you....

I'm just going through some old pictures and blogging mostly cause I took these for my mom, and never did anything with them! This is Tristin's 2nd (?) BIRTHDAY!!! I miss that little guy!

Last Saturday, Brent and I were laying in bed- and he gets a text saying,"Brent you awake?" (6:30 in the morning mind you :) Then, there was Reid at the door! Had already biked from his apartment in Rancho Cordova, and planning on biking his way to GRIDLEY!!! Rumors have it that he made it to Live Oak which about a 10 minute DRIVE to Gridley! Reid you're amazing!
This is an old one of when one of my best friends Ali got married. Us girls had a little party while they were taking pictures!
 I don't think I say it enough, but I love Brent.  He is the most amazing person. Most driven. Most dependable. Most patient with me (a task not very easy to do). Not only is he the best husband who works hard to support us, he is the best wife as well. With his cooking and cleaning skills I am doomed to outer bad wife land (aka couch:).  Most importantly, He is a man that chooses the right.  One of the reason that I absolutely fell in love Brent is because I knew that he would ALWAYS remind me to Love the Lord, and be a better Daughter of God. He reminds me that, Not only do we have to hold onto the Lord, we have to FIRMLY hold on to him with EVERYHTING we have. I love learning and growing on this earth with Brent. I LOVE YOU BRENT ROMERO MCDOWELL!!!


Aaron and Michelle said...

I love the wife part! That is so funny Alexa... I wouldn't mind the couch!

Brent said...

I love you so much Alexa! You're my best friend!