This past weekend I had a little fun going through some old pictures of the McDowell Family! Seriously Linda is the best mom ever- she has gallons pictures and videos of these crazy boys!!! I love it! Some of these are when I was dating brent, little 16 year old!!! This top picture just makes me think of how our little boy will look someday! So cute!!!
In this picture Brent let me do he's make-up and hair!! hahaha It was a funny night!
Don't you wish you're mother-in-law was as cool as mine!!!! HAHAHAHA I love this picture so much!
I hope you don't mind Ian, but this picture seriously was just to good to be true! This is who my kids will call, "UNCLE IAN"!!!Mama Linda and I back in the day! Man my hair was long then and natural!!! This is when we took a trip out to Utah! We climbed Mt. Timpanoes! 
I seriously haven't been back to the Sacramento Temple in two years!!! Right after we got married, we moved to Utah, and now we're back. I'm thinking about going every Wednesday cause I really don't have much of a life after five! Anyone who wants to go with me, let me know!
For the 4th of July we went to Lake Tahoe, and I've been lazy about getting those pictures on there because there are just too many! But that will come!!!

Last, but definitely not least! My sweet little friend Kaysi Fox came down to visit some family, and we got to have dinner and play a little at our apartment! I miss that girl so much!!!! Brent was so hilarious when she came over, he was just telling her everything, showing her new music videos, and showing her around the apartment--- you could tell (in his own little way) that he missed her too! She's coming back in two weeks with her hubby nick- THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!! We missed you Nick!!!

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R. Ian McDowell said...

Hilarious! Handlebars are the best. I love looking at old pictures.