"It's been a while"

 We'll it has been a really long time since I've blogged.... over about a month now? GEEZE!!

Up above is my sweet old roommate Roni.  They are getting married in August!! WHOO WHOOT- I couldn't be more excited for her! Roni and I actually became roommates because of this fellow here, so I think he passes the test.  They have someone to take there pictures, but I just wanted to have some fun with them.

They will have a beautiful life together.

As of Brent's and I's life it's been a little crazy.  He works in the morning then goes to school in the afternoon, then I go to work at night.  I've been working a lot lately- a lot of days and nights- I'm looking forward to those increased numbers on my checks! Something kinda new and exciting.... Brent needs glasses! hahaha I'm a little jealous I've always wanted glasses! I even used to lie to the doctor when I was kid, but somehow he knew I could see clear as day. Also, this thursday my mom moves in with us hahahhaha GASP! I know, right? It's only for a little while, but it will be fun all the same.

Anyways, the sun STILL isn't really shining here. There was one day last week were I layed in the grass, but nothing worthy of burning my skin YET! So, just letting the world know that I'm alive, and I'll try to return everyone's phone calls this last month.

Love from all the night oil I burn.

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Lindsay said...

Alexa these pics are awesome! When will we ever see you again?