what a day

well... I have to say that I haven't felt this ugly and fat in a really long time.  Not that many of you I think would want to read about my "poor me spill" but here it goes.

The morning started out great gettin ready for a hair show that my boss payed me to go to- and my straightner quit of me.  No big deal on that one- but it plays a very important role to the events that proceed.  So I go to this hair show with all my gorgeous co-workers feeling a little bit like a fancy bum.

Fast forward to the afternoon while we are sitting in a class about texture and cutting.  The speakers really won me over I'm laughing, learning, and having a grand ole time.  SO after I decide to walk up to the guy and ask him what he thinks about my hair, and I say that I was thinking about cutting it short.  He says no- right off the bat, but says that he would love to cut my hair.  Blinded by his performance in the show I sign the waiver, and off we go! I sit down he tells me we're going to keep my length and just re shape my layers.  The hair starts to fall onto the cape, and there's a good 6 inches.... Long story short I look like the missing member to the Beatles.  I literally feel british, and think it might be a good edge for me if I start talking like them.

When we got into the car I just cried... I'm the fattest I've ever been in my life and my hair looks ugly.  Mind you I think I would look cuter with a better short hair cut, but you just have to imagine (cause there will NEVER be a picture of me on here at least till it grows out a bit)  if any of you know who Demetri Martin is.... I look like his redheaded brother.  Round short mushroom head, not cute long in the front sexy pixie, but short in the front- longer in the back.  Kinda like a mullet, but one that a skater would wear. HAHAHAHAHAHHA oh boy I'm stupid sometimes. One of those Class A IDIOTS! Hats and beanies are going to be my best friends for the next year and half cause odds are I'll loose all my human friends with a haircut like this.  I'll be at the work out gym and people will wonder from behind if I'm a man or a woman.  I'm that person now, and I've just gotta except it.  I just feel bad that Brent has't to introduce me as his wife cause people are going to be confused.

The one good thing that I feel like has happened because of this is, I really need to get into shape.  I'm dead serious when I say that I refuse to be fat, and have boy hair.  I used to have girl hair so being over weight was fine, but now my body is all I have to keep me from crying myself to sleep every night. I REFUSE to feel this way.  I will loose weight and feel good about my body.  I need something to feel good about myself.

Anyways If you made it through this post about my hair congrats I think you are awesome.

Love from my LARGE hair animal I saw on the ground


kaysi van dyke fox said...

first of all, no matter what haircut you have you are one of the most gorgeous girls i know!!!! even the daybook girl wrote about you in her blogo!!! & you BETTER not think i am just saying this because you got a "bad haircut"...if you do we cant be friends anymore!!! and second of all i need the name of the idiot that did that to you...seriously i HATE those guys!!! grrr. third, CONGRATULATIONS on being a learning leader!!!!! that is so dang awesome!!! & it totally fits you, those students are so lucky to have you!!! & last at least all of your dead ends are off, right??? your hair is going to grow so fast!!! i love you so much & hate that this happened to you!! that is the worst feeling ever when something happens to your hair!!! just remember youre a BABE!!!! & i LOVE YOU!!! :)

Cortney Scott said...

Oh alexa... i love you! you crack me up. you could NEVER look ugly or fat! you are sooo beautiful, i have always thought so. i wish i was there to hold you right now! i love you sooo very much!!!

Aaron and Michelle said...

Just know that one of these days you will wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and say, "why, oh why, did I think I was fat back then..." Love yourself no matter what and take one day at a time. Your hair will grow back and I agree that you are gorgeous no matter what!

Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and Quinn! said...

I agree with Kaysi! I HATE, I mean LOATHE those type of hairdresser, he's probably some cocky artistic douche who thinks he's AMAZING, but really, what girl wants to look like that! AND, I also agree, you are beautiful!!!!! Hang in there, I love you and so does the whole world, we all agree you are GORGEOUS! Can we please facetime though, cause I kinda am super curious as to what he did? Weirdo man! P.s. might have been the funniest blog you have ever written! I love you and I yep, I love you!

Kellee said...

i agree with kays! you could never look bad alexa! you can totally rock any look! and i am so happy you are a learning leader!!! i bet that is the funnest thing ever! dont be so hard on yourself! LOVE YOU!!!