His hands were cold- so he cried about it hahahahha

Hey Hey everybody!!! Happy 100th post for Brent and I!!! This Christmas we went down to Utah to see my mom and brothers. I hadn't seen them in 8 MONTHS! I missed them so much. As you can see we tried to take a family picture- it was a no go hahaa. Very unsuccessful. 

On Christmas Eve Brent and I went to Temple Square- it was amazing!!! We didn't stay too long because there were so many people, and it was cold. 

We just moved into our new apartment this week!!!! LOVE IT!!!! It's HUGE!!! We've got two rooms and one room is pretty much bigger than our whole last apartment, and each room has two BIG closets in them!!! Now, if I only can get clothes to fill my closet that would be great :) I'll take pictures of the rest of the apartment as soon as it's all put together! We have so much room, and nothing to fill it with- you'd think after being married for over 2 years we would have stuff! OHH and we got this LOVELY bed for our Christmas present together!!! YAY!!! Not sure yet if I want to put a picture in that frame yet, I guess we'll see!!!!

Last and definitely not least- WE ARE GOING TO CABO!!!!! My whole family goes every year, and we're excited to spend time with them! From what it sounds or looks like it may seem that were rich, but honestly we are just young and reckless.  So are really poor, but at least I'll have a tan- and a bed to sleep on when I get home.  Aren't we allowed to be a little careless when we're this young??? After this, budget ALL the way, and get rid of debt- cause boy it really hangs over your head- and keeps me up at night thinking about it! I need to be more like Cortney & Denton and have no debt! Anyways, we leave for Cali on Friday (cause tickets were $400 CHEAPER to fly out of Sac) and then flight out on Sunday night to Phoenix- spend the night at Jessica McDowell's mamas house, and then fly to CABO in the morning!!!!!!!! I will be feeling the HOT SUN by noon on Monday! P.S. this also is our honeymoon! and it's Brent's birthday while we are there!!! He'll be 24?? haha wait how old am I?



Cortney Scott said...

You are going to have sooo much fun in CABO! I havent been there for eight years now. Hopefully next year we can join you. That would be awesome. I am so glad you guys came and saw us last week. I sure miss you...A LOT! I love you super tons, and have fun! P.S. bring me back a present!

Garrett said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. One question though, why didn't you just drive to phoenix? p.s. I need an address to send you your Christmas card, and did your phone numbers change again?

Kellee said...

um....lucky. cabo!?!?!?! so jealous! and your hair color is perfect. i love it. and your cute bed!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

OMGGGGGG!!!! i wanna see some pics from cabo!!! gosh, im jealous!!!! hahaha. i love these pictures, you have the cutest family ever!! i miss you!!!! oh & your room is to die for...you have the best style ever!!!