Football anyone??? As you can see this studly beast of mine is excited to play FOOTBALL!!! It's been a good five years and he really can't wait to go out there and just hit someone! At the top were some of the pictures from the BYU-Idaho DRAFT!!! It was really funny for the first 30 minutes- but after 3 HOURS everyone was done.  Of course the best part was when they called out Brent's name and I got to yell as loud as I could! After a "reporter" interviewed Brent in front of EVERYONE!!! He was so cute- It really felt like he was on TV for ESPN! He even buzzed his head to look meaner! I love me some Brent McDowell.


kaysi fox said...

hahahaha, thats awesome!! i bet you guys are having so much fun up there!!! so cool all of the sports you guys are involved in!! i need to be more active!!

Cortney Scott said...

CONGRATS!! That is awesome! how did volleyball go?