THE BEST SMELL IN THE WORLD!!!  I've been out of a smell for so long, and Brent being the wonderful man he got me my favorite smell! The next picture is of my volleyball team! It's so fun to be playing again we play every Monday night! The competition has been really good actually!!! Last but not least are these sweet little Ugly Dolls- I don't know why, but Brent and I love these things! We got one for little Halle a while back, and I think that it scared her! Brent put it on the top of their fridge and asked her to go get them a drink- and as she opened the door the doll fell on her!!! Poor girl!

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kaysi fox said...

hahahahaha. i am cracking up about the ugly doll story with cute little halle!! so funny! poor thing! YAYYYYY, that smell will forever remind me of you!! i miss you!!! :(