A Little of everything!

Brent has A TON of little doodles that are AMAZING! He is so talented, and I'm so lucky :)

Brent went on a hike with one of his buddies from work. Oh Utah this is the best part about you!

For school we went to The Women's Show at the Expo Center to do hair, these are some of the models that kids did from our school! Oh I guess there's only one picture of a model! hahaha

Chruch Volleyball!
Sadly, Brent and I didn't really take any pictures from Halloween! I'm seriously so bad at documenting our lives together.

Our baby! our mean baby...


Kat said...

I like the picture of Brigham Young that Brent drew, you both are so talented. Love Ya.

Kellee and Brady said...

About time you updated this blog!!! Seriously! Haha I love you anyways!!

kaysi fox said...

yeyyyyyyyyyyyy, i love that you updated!! i dont feel like such a loser now for updating mine all of the time. haha. pretty pictures. where did brent go hiking at. such pretty colors!! :)

Perris said...

That Brent guy seems cool. What kinda guitar was that?