This is Kellee and Kaysi they are in my class at Paul Mitchell! They seriously are so sweet and too cute!

It was IAN'S birthday- he can't have cake so it was an ice cream birthday! HE'S EIGHT Now!!!! crazy...

My little Tristin! so cute, and we had ribs that night--- can you tell?

Oh Jonny!!! What would I do without you brother!

He's an old man!


oh geeze so cute!

COMCAST--- anyone??? Brent loves his job, and his truck!

HAHAHA my best friend- he can make me laugh as you can see.
Before we went to my mom's for the party!
UPDATE: Well, we got another calling this week (that makes three)! We are teaching and helping out with the Temple Celebration Dancing! It's fun for me to be on the other side cause I did the Sacramento one. All the kids are really there to see the person that they think is cute, but whatever gets them there, gets them there! It will be the most amazing thing that they will do as youth! Things are moving right along on this end- this week is yet another crazy week for us! Brent goes on his MCDOWELL GOLF TRIP! He's been looking forward to it for a couple months now. The first time that we will be away from eachother! HAHA I think we'll be okay, its just 4 days right??? Tomorrow I have my floor test, its where I have a model and I'll do a fake perm, style, some curling, and a weave. In TWO WEEKS I'll be on my own taking clients (with the mentorship of my learning leaders of course!). I can't wait! Going to hair school has been a blast, I'm greatful for my class, and teacher Kevin! Lets see- oh my little young womens team lost the other week, but they have grown so much I couldn't be more proud! Well, LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!!!


Lindsay said...

Yea the youth will loooove you dancing and helping them! Sounds like life is moving along for you. I can't wait to have you do my hair sometime soon. Will is going to pull my hair through a cap tonight!! Does that make you cringe.......love you guys!

Brent and Alexa said...

hahaha yes that does make me cringe!!! I don't know whats more scary-- willy doing it, or the cap!