This first picture is of my TWO TOO CUTE brothers. Brent is really good with them, its fun to watch him play with the boys. They don't get too much man play in their lives so they absolutely LOVE Brent.

This picture is of Denise's birthday at Lucy's house I wasn't there cause I was sick, but Brent had a good time. They had roast beef, ice cream, cake, and some good games. So sad I missed out.
We're going on 6 months, time is just flying. Brent gets points each day for his job- and they get texts during the day to see whos doing the best....... well lets just say Brent's an amzing person. Hair School is going well, no wait... I LOVE IT! We are doing color this week. We are definatly missing our families out in California, and hope that we can visit soon.

This is my little sister in law with her AMAZING cake skills! It was my cousin braydens birthday.


Aaron and Michelle said...

We love you guys!

Kat said...

Did Christy make that cake or just cut it? 6 months! You are half way there, nutty!

Brent and Alexa said...

She actually MADE the cake!!! She's taking a cake making and decor class!