Bird Man

In the dancing picture you can see my grandpa smiling in the background, I know it was hard for him to come- but he had to be there.

I found out about a week ago that my grandpa bird has terminal cancer. today i saw that man- even though it didn't look like him the same person i ate dinner with about 3 weeks ago, i knew it was him by the way he played the piano. the person that gave me the love for music one of the greatest gifts i was ever given. i wish the world could hear him play. i could see every bone and his clothes failed to properly hold its fit. i think the only reason i have an imagination at all is because of him. we used to laugh and laugh, and don't forget eat ice cream EVERYDAY! the bird man, the ladies man, the car shows and expensive suits man. "Thats the first mistake I've made since the last one"- Irvin Delbert Bird Jr. my mother asked me to pick a song to sing at his funeral--- it's hard when he's not even dead yet and he has no idea whats going on. I've decided to sing, "Oh Lord my Redeemer" by Jeff Goodrich. its a song my father loved to sing. i guess its the only song i could possibly even think of singing to a man i love so much.

Random memories
Bird man, grand piano, i scream you scream, lincoln cars, black and white photographs, france mission, ming, rugger, wired chairs, glass windows, my first time behind the wheel, same hair style my whole life, stop lights, pink and blue elephants, roots in mendon, swam naked, italian shoes, rolled up towels, smallest kitchen, parents married after a week of knowing eachother, orange juice, handwriting, 711 walks, coke cola, dounts, shag rugs, little america, rubber cement, jokes, litza's pizza, music, christmas, A #1, stink pretty, awful waffles, walk in closet, marble desk, jazz, big shouldered dresses. ..

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