Always an ADVENTURE!

It's been a busy busy month. It was Brent's birthday on the 12th! It was a funny story- I told all of Brents friends TWO weeks ahead of time that I wanted to throw a surprise birthday party. The southern friends down in Provo got the message loud and clear, but the northern mission buddies somehow read the date wrong. Lets just say to make things easier we ended up having two parties! Brent was more than surprised! This picture is the first party. Brent bowled a 206- best in his life, so I hear :)

I've been cooking, and as you can see sometimes it doesn't go over well- the foods get mad at what I do to them. I never really learned how to cook, so during the time that I've been waiting for school to start I've started watching the FOOD channel and surprisingly has been a good teacher. The story behind this picture - the rolls needed to rise for 3 hours, I let that happen put them in the oven then Brent and I decided to go and work out. 2 hours later "OH NO THE ROLLS!!!!" end of story :) I have been successful with a few dishes such as cookies, banana cream pie, meatloaf, noodles with a homemade sauce, and chicken. The past two weeks we have started the "can't buy anything until everything is gone" it's been fun and interesting to see what kind of meals we can come up with.

For Christmas we were at my mom's and she got them bikes! This video is of my little brother Tristan trying to ride his bike so cute because he can't pedal yet! It was a GREAT christmas and we're excited for the Christmases to come!

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